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Supplier Overview

Language Experience Lab (LX Lab) has been outsourcing translation services around SAP Solutions for more than 20 years. Today we work with over 80 suppliers in more than 35 countries to manage SAP's translation and complementary language needs.

All our suppliers have passed a strict selection procedure, ensuring that they fulfill the requirements for providing continuous high-quality services to SAP. For translation services, we choose our suppliers locally in the country of the target language, with only very few exceptions. Companies who have been selected as our suppliers have shown a good resource and knowledge management policy, to ensure the right balance between continuity and flexibility, supported by a matching business strategy.

Supplier performance is monitored regularly by several QA processes, including SAP-specific audits.

The table below shows the list of our suppliers, including the main service they provide to SAP. Services other than the one listed may not have been evaluated by SAP.

In May 2010, SAP introduced also a PartnerEdge track for SAP Language Service Partners (LSPs). The column PartnerEdge - Language Service Provider in the table below indicates which suppliers are also an SAP Language Service Partner. More information on this partner program can be found here.

The SAP Language Service Partners can also be found via SAP Partner Finder by selecting “Language & Translation Partners” in the Partner Type list.